Testimonials Module

The Divi Testimonials module is perfect for companies and solopreneurs to showcase what clients have had to say about them, hence display these testimonials in an elegant and professional way.

Divi Testimonials Module Settings

divi testimonials module

  • Author Name – The name of the person providing your testimonial.
  • Job Title – The Author’s job title.
  • Company Name – Input their company name.
  • Author/Company URL – The company’s website.
  • URLs Open – Choose whether you’d like links to open in a new window or tab.
  • Author’s Site URL – URL of the author’s website to transform the name into a link.
  • Portrait Image URL – Here you can upload a portrait image of your client.
  • Quote Icon – Here you can disable the default quote icons.
  • Content – This where you can paste the body of the testimonial.
  • Admin Label – Change the default “Testimonials” label.

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