Blurbs Module

Divi Blurbs module tend to be a combination of an image and a short piece of text to provide quick snippets of information. It can be used to highlight important aspects or information about your website, product or service.

Divi Blurbs Module Settings

blurb module settings

  • Title – Add a title to your blurb.
  • URL – Link your blurb title.
  • URL Opens – Choose how your URL opens. Do you want it to open in a new window or tab?
  • Use Icon – Select this to use an icon instead of an image.
  • Icon – A list of icons you can use if you have enabled the icons option.
  • Icon Color – Choose a color for your icon.
  • Circle Icon – Select whether you want the icon to show up within a colored circle.
  • Circle Color – Choose a color for your icon’s circle.
  • Show Circle Border – Select whether you want a border on the icon’s circle.
  • Circle Border Color – Choose the icon circle border color.
  • Image/Icon Placement – Choose whether to place your icon to the left of your text or above.
  • Image/Icon Animation – Choose the lazy loading direction.
  • Image – Upload an image or paste an image URL.
  • Image Alt Text – Alternative text in case your image doesn’t load properly.
  • Text Color – Choose your text color.
  • Text Orientation – Select whether to justify your text to the left, center or right.
  • Content – Input your body content here.
  • Admin Label – Change the default “Blurb” label.


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